Every Australian deserves to retire with dignity and independence.

With millions of Baby Boomer Australians nearing the end of their careers - it was clear to Australians in the 80s that we needed to create a strong support system for our retirements. This system would ensure we could all enjoy a decent quality of life in our later years. That is why each pay packet of every Australian includes some savings - put aside for our retirement.


Universal superannuation is a national achievement which sits alongside Medicare and the NDIS when it comes to making our nation stronger and our society fairer.

Superannuation was created by Labor and Paul Keating in 1991 to ensure Australians had a good quality of life, for their whole lives.


Our world-class super system means Australians have a $3 trillion pool of savings. But before we even need them, they’re already working hard.

Our savings are being invested in important national infrastructure and local businesses which are generating wealth and creating jobs.

But still, too many Australians retire without adequate retirement savings.

Which is why our super system needs to be further strengthened and protected, not undermined.


Meet Gai

Earlier this year, I was taken by Gai’s story. She could have been my mum. Gai lives in Bowral in my electorate and is a shop assistant at a supermarket chain.

Gai is lucky enough to own her own home. When she retired from full-time work, she used some of her $110k of super to buy a new Kia to replace her rundown Suburu that was on its last legs. She can visit friends, family and get into the one shift of work she does each week to top up her pension payment. It is the first new car Gai has ever owned.

Because of super, Gai’s quality of life is much better. It is not a large sum, but she is independent and uses her super to top up the small amount she makes each week from her shift work to live off. In a few years, she hopes to be able to stop work and use her super to top up her pension payments. Gai and her friends shared that they worry what would happen to women in regional towns who were shop assistants like them if they didn’t have super to help make ends meet in retirement.

You deserve to retire with dignity.

Labor is proud of Australia’s world-class superannuation system and we will fight to defend it.