Every Australian deserves to retire with dignity and independence.

No one should be forced to work in their 70s.

No one deserves to be left behind in retirement but too many Australians retire without enough.

If the Liberals cut your super payments you’ll retire with less.

Learn more about how your super is at risk

Don’t let the liberals use COVID as an excuse to cut your super.

Labor is proud of our superannuation system and we will fight to defend it

Universal superannuation, created by Labor, is a national achievement which sits alongside Medicare and the NDIS. It has made our nation stronger and our society fairer.

That’s why our superannuation system needs to be strengthened and protected, not undermined.


Super is critical to creating jobs and growth in the economic recovery

The $3 trillion pool of super savings not only creates a retirement nest egg for Australians – it is also being invested in infrastructure and businesses which are generating wealth and creating jobs.

If the liberals cut super, there will be less funds to make the investment needed to create jobs and drive growth to boost the economic recovery.